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Tease Part 2

Prompt: Can you continue “Tease” (Narry)? Like, what happens during the interview and after that.

Prompt: do you think you could do a part two of tease? i like it very much ;)

Part 1: http://fanfictionlover47.tumblr.com/post/44589665795/tease

Warnings: Smut.

Niall whimpered softly when Harry purposefully pulled him onto his lap, placing his large hands on his crotch. Zayn turned and glanced at the couple with curious eyes and Niall smirked slightly, a sudden idea forming in his head.

Niall moved away from Harry, though internally he was whining at the loss of contact, and he scooted closer to Zayn, watching Harry carefully to try and gauge his reaction. Zayn’s eyes darted to Harry and back to Niall, laughing silently when he realized what Niall was trying to do.

Zayn lazily slung his arm over Niall and he smirked when he saw a fuming Harry glaring at the pair. He noticed Louis and Liam glanced over at them when they heard Harry mutter some angry words and he saw their eyes slowly darken with mischief.

The interviewer glanced at the pair and she let out a sudden squeal, causing the five boys to look up with startled and amused faces. The interviewer scratched her head with an embarrassed face and she started to explain with a sheepish smile, “Sorry…it’s just that Ziall is so cute!”

Harry let out a low growl and he pulled Niall from Zayn’s grip roughly, holding him possessively. “And what about Narry?” Louis snickered at his face and he casually walked over, plopping onto Niall’s lap. “To be honest, I prefer Nouis.”

Harry scowled and he glared at Liam, daring him to say something. Liam let out a small shiver and he mentally decided to stay out of this, as possessive Harry was a scary Harry.

Harry frowned and shoved Louis away, murmuring a sarcastic apology when Louis stood up, rubbing his bum and staring at Harry with an annoyed gaze. Harry grabbed Niall and placed him onto his lap, gripping his hips tightly and glaring at everyone.

Harry ignored the interviewer who was jabbering on about how excited she was in finally meeting One Direction and frankly, he could care less. He leaned closer to Niall and he grazed his teeth onto his ear, causing the smaller boy to let out a small gasp.

A small whimper left Niall’s mouth when he felt Harry blow onto his ear, Harry smirked at the effect he was having on the boy and he whispered softly, “I’m going to fuck you so hard later, that you won’t be able to walk for the rest of your life.”

Niall whined softly and he let out a groan when Harry continued to whisper more things into his ear, the voice that he had grown to love, growing progressively huskier by the minute.

Niall bit his lip and he grinded onto the larger boy, desperate for some friction. Harry smirked and he glanced at the other boys who were listening to the interviewer with polite interest and Harry slowly moved his hands over the tent.

Niall gasped quietly and lifted his hips up slightly towards the other boy’s hands. Harry pressed Niall’s tent gently and after a minute he continued to press down on different places.

Niall closed his eyes and he stifled a moan of pleasure when Harry applied pressure to a particularly sensitive place on his cock and he trembled softly, digging his fingernails into his arms so he wouldn’t make any loud noises.

Niall bit his tongue so hard that he almost started drawing blood when he felt Harry rub him in that infuriating slow, but rough movement that he loved. A sharp gasp left his mouth and it took his entire willpower not to cum right then and there in front of millions on live television.


The interviewer looked up, “Well…this segment with One Direction to coming to a close, tune in next week when we interview Taro from the movie, Eyes.” Harry cheered internally that this interview that seemed like it was lasting forever was coming to a close and he prodded Niall with a lustful gaze.

Harry impatiently grabbed Niall’s waist and literally dragged the trembling boy to the direction of his dresser room, ignoring the cat calls of his bandmates. He would show them after his little session with Niall that the Irish lad was his and only his to touch.

Harry pushed Niall into the room and he locked the door, pinning Niall against the wall forcefully and slammed his lips against Niall’s. Niall let out a whine and he moved his hands to Harry’s jeans, fumbling with the buttons.

Harry let out a low growl and he slapped Niall’s hand away, “No touching, take off all your clothes and turn around.” Niall’s breath hitched in excitement as he loved the dominating side of Harry and he yanked his clothes off swiftly.

Niall turned around and he spread his legs out, sticking his perk bum out eagerly with his hands above his head. Harry’s pants started tightening and he shifted around uncomfortably and he ripped his clothes off and he stared at Niall with a longing gaze.

Niall let out an impatient whine when he realized Harry wasn’t doing anything, “Hurry…want you…” Harry smirked and he gripped Niall’s hips and he knew that it would bruise later and he moved his mouth over Niall’s pale skin, leaving a row of lovebites trailing down the other’s neck.

“The others were all over you tonight, you’re mine.” Niall sighed impatiently and he tried to push Harry into him, “I-I’m yours…”

Harry smirked and he lined up with Niall’s sensitive hole, pushing in roughly without any preparation. “Who do you belong to?” Niall let out a cry of ecstasy, whimpering brokenly from the pain and pleasure he was receiving. “Y-you!”

Harry groaned from the tight heat he was feeling and he dug his nails into Niall’s side, slamming into Niall forcefully. Harry grunted, “I’m close baby.” Niall nodded and he bounced slightly when Harry slammed into him once again.

Harry growled and he gripped Niall’s wrists tightly, pinning them against the wall, “I didn’t give you permission to move.” Niall didn’t say anything and with a shout of Harry’s name, he released his load, Harry following shortly afterwards.

Harry pulled out of the younger boy and he collapsed on the ground, pulling Niall closer to him tiredly. Niall winced softly in pain and he laid his head on top of Harry’s chest, exhausted, “You’re an ass…I’m going to be in so much pain for the next couple of days.”

Harry smirked and he kissed Niall gently on the forehead, “I had to show the other boys that you were mine, but I’m pretty sure they heard you screaming my name.” Harry glanced at Niall and he chuckled softly when his face flushed a pleasant red.